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Global Span Products was founded in 1968 by Sam Bakke, owner & founder of the company. Sam and his son Dave Bakke, currently run Global Span Products, and they both have several U.S. patents for products they've developed for the Construction & Irrigation Industry. Both Sam & Dave have extensive Landscape Irrigation experience in all aspects of the Landscape & Irrigation Industry. With a combined total of over 90 years experience in the Landscape Irrigation Industry, Sam & Dave have major experience in all phases of this industry from installing new irrigation systems for Golf Courses, Apartment & Condominium Complexes, Shopping Centers, Schools, Parks, & both large and small residential systems.

Irrigation Design & Consulting, Troubleshooting, and Repair Work have been the mainstays of Global Span Products for years. Sam & Dave are also certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers having been certified in 1979 & 1981 respectively. Dave is a Foothill College Alumnus & Cal Poly Pomona Alumnus while studying Landscape Horticulture, Nursery Management, and Landscape Irrigation Science.

In the early years, Sam started the “first” underground landscape irrigation installation company called Bakke Underground Sprinkler Company in Helena, MT back in 1958. He installed the first PVC irrigation system in Helena, and some of his projects included installing irrigation systems for the State Capital Building and Carroll College. Sam's installation & repair companies were West Bay Sprinkler Company in the early 1970’s & Aqua Pipe Specialties Company in the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s. These companies were merged into Global Span Products in an effort to consolidate the Landscape Irrigation field work with the "Innovative" and "Inventive" part of Global Span Products. Sam and Dave have U.S. patents on the Qwik-Trace Multiple Wire Identifier, The Pipe Sizer, The Nut Sizer, a combination Alligator Clip with a Banana Jack nose, a reusable and waterproof electrical connector called ReConn (Reusable Connector), and they have a couple of "patent pending" products in the pipe line.

We look forward to serving you with our expert knowledge in the Landscape Irrigation & Backflow Prevention field while providing you with quality tools & equipment that will make your field work much easier to work on. We're always looking for new & innovative ways to make field work easier & faster to complete, so come back often to our website for new & innovative solutions to many problems in the Landscape & Construction industries that need to be addressed.



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